Tom Mayes Integrated Equine Therapies, Horses Just Wanna Have Fun, Fearless Rider, and Blockbuster Inc are small businesses.  The reasons why they hired me was similar. They all struggled with sites that were not usable and were not engaging. They struggled with website updates and needed a site built on a platform that they could manage. These companies are limited resources and need solutions for their business in a price range they could afford. They also needed someone willing to train them on how to maintain their websites.

The issues these companies were having was in search engines: they were not showing up in any searches because they had not optimized their site. They had not practiced healthy SEO practices, affected the traffic to their site. They needed traffic to increased so they could generate cash flow for their business. They needed to increase targeted traffic that was engaging enough to stay on their site.

After spending time talking with each client, discovering what they goals were, what set them apart from the competition, and what they could offer their customers that other could not. After the initial call, I was able to design a website that my customers were happy with the website design. Each step of the process, I involved my customers, so I made sure I was always heading in a direction. As I redesigned their site, I implemented best practices in SEO. I did keyword research before I started developing the navigation and framework of the site. It did not matter if the site looked good if people could not find it.

After launching the new redesign of my client’s website, they all reported back that their customers gave excellent reviews of the innovative design.

Small Business Testimonial

“Cindee Van Dijk is the rare sort of person who really listens and thoughtfully applies her knowledge to solve your problem. She truly delivers on web development and knows how to align the worlds of form and function.”

Diane Chojnowski, Brainbelt Consulting