I was hired to create from scratch for my nonprofit clients. Even though they had not had a previous website, their goals were the same as the small business owners: they needed a website that their message was clear, the site was usable and useful and engaging. They also needed a website built on a platform that they could manage. These companies are limited resources and need to find solutions for their business in a price range they could afford. They also needed someone willing to train them on how to maintain their websites.

As I created these websites, I put into practice best practices in SEO. It was important that my nonprofit clients show up in organic searches quickly.  Even though they were non-profits organizations, traffic was still important for their organizations. Not only did traffic need to increase, their site needed to be engaging enough that people stayed on the site. I spent time talking with each client, discovering what their corporate goals were , what set them apart from the competition, and what they could offer their customers that other could not. After the initial call, I was able to design a website that my customers like. Each step of the process, I involved my customers, so I made sure I was always heading in a direction. As I redesigned their site, I implemented best practices in SEO. I did keyword research before I started developing the navigation and framework of the site. It did not matter if the site looked good if people could not find it.

After launching the new redesign of my client’s website, they all reported back that their customers gave excellent reviews of the innovative design.

Non-Profit Testimonial

“Cindee defines the term “team player.” She brings her incredible organizing and problem-solving skills to every project and is always ready to lend a hand. She has multifaceted skills in marketing and project management along with serious training in computer programming. Her razor-sharp mind coupled with a great sense of humor make her an ideal co-worker. She’s the first person I think of for any marketing, social media, or web project.”

Diane Chojnowski, Public Relations and Marketing Consultant, Social Media Strategist