First Presbyterian Church‘s website had old content. Two-year-old events were listed, staff that did not work for the church, broken links, and pages without content. The biggest issue they were experiencing was zero website traffic and not showing up in Google searches.

Their congregation was small, and they wanted to increase the number of people attending church. But if people searched “churches near me,” First Presbyterian Church did not show up. They felt their church was the “best-kept secret.” People were friendly and welcoming, and the preaching was excellent. They also offered a way for people to connect and make friends.

First Presbyterian Church hired Van Dijk Consultants to redesign their website and increase local traffic. Using best SEO practices, Van Dijk Consultants created an engaging website that helped promote their church, and their site quickly started to show up in searches. The site was launched at the beginning of COVID-19 in March 2020. With the new design, First Presbyterian Church was able to offer an online option to their congregation. The church had a limited budget and is not able to spend money on paid advertising that would help quickly drive more traffic to their site. I trained the church secretary on free activities she could do that would allow their church to show up Google and local Searches.

Thank you Cindee, for the wonderful work you have done in creating our new church website! You have been so easy to work with, knowledgeable and informative about your work, and meticulous in every detail! We are so thankful for your help with this step towards a more successful future for our church!” ~ Dawn Roemen, First Presbyterian Church

Thank you, Cindee, for working with us to create a wonderful new website for our church.  You have worked very patiently with those of us not well versed in the technology involved.  We have learned a lot, and we appreciate that.  We are proud of the way you have enabled us to now present our church home to the world.”  Sally Johnston, First Presbyterian Church