Masterson Equine Services was considered a small “Mom and Pop” company in the equine industry in 2011. Their business model was to trained people in an effective method of equine bodywork by selling videos, books, and training workshops. Their website had many issues that included broken links, old content, and the navigation was not intuitive making it difficult for people to find information on their website.  When they brought me on board, they need help increase product sales and workshop attendance. Read the full story >>

“Cindee Van Dijk took our website from a “Mom and Pop” website to a full-fledged interactive website with a myriad of menu items and an array of options.  She listened closely and gave us exactly what we wanted.  Cindee is very easy to work with, laughs easily, but puts her head down and gets the job done.  Simply put, she’s amazing!”  Conley Wright, General Manager, Masterson Equine Services