Websites are one of the most vital resources, especially for small businesses. They help in cost-effectively reaching the customer. They make it easier to communicate with the customer and speeds up the overall communication and the sales process. That said, developing and designing the website has its costs. Many small businesses try to save the website designing and developing costs by cutting out IT professionals and handling the task on their own. Small business owners feel they are capable of doing so because lately many coding tools such as WordPress offer ready-made themes and plugins which can be easily installed and run by anyone having basic knowledge. However, there is a difference between launching a website and designing an effective website.

A website that cannot attract the right customers, or cannot generate leads or sales will only be considered as a waste of resource at best. While ready-made HTML codes give you the ease to build your website, they do not teach you the techniques to make your website effective, and that is where a trained professional comes in. At Van Djik Consultants, we can work with you and help you make a website that is much more efficient and effective and can generate you a good return on investment.

  1. SEO Services
    When you offer a good service or an idea in the market, you need to place it in a way that your target audience can locate you easily. In the digital world, SEO does this job. We will help you optimize your website for your local SEO so that your target audience can find you in their search results.
  2. Design Aesthetics
    When you walk in a store, you would want to be able to browse conveniently through a neat display where all information is readily available at hand, and you require minimal assistance. When a customer lands on a website, he has similar expectations. A cluttered website that is difficult to read and operate and has incomplete or irrelevant information can put a user off and will leave the website. We help you design your website with a suitable aesthetic sense and generate content that will attract more customers and generate leads.
  3. Mobile Optimization and Accessibility
    More than 80% of the customers today prefer accessing websites on handheld gadgets and smartphones. They also expect the website to load at a decent speed. If a website is not designed to run smoothly on the cell phones, you can lose out on a major chunk of your target customers. We help you build mobile-optimized websites so that your websites can run effectively on smartphones.
  4. Social Media Integration
    Most customers will not come to your website directly and might not even be aware of its existence. However, they might follow your social media properties if you have some interesting content for them. We can help in integrating your official social media accounts with your website and can help in more cost-effective promotions and higher lead generations.
  5. General Consultation
    Once you have done your basics right and have your website running, you look for growth. You must be aware of the changing trends in the digital world, which have become very dynamic lately. We can provide you consultation services for any new content or upgrades that you wish to enhance your digital output.